Case Closure Investigation: Autistic Adults in California

Autistic adults in California: Did you apply to get help from a State/Federal Program or a Non Profit organization that advertises employment supports for DD/ID or Neurodivergent people? 

If you are Neurodivergent and you experienced a case closure, where a generic social worker /case worker/ service coordinator/ nurse… terminated your support, we’d like to hear from you.

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Who we are: 

Our research is conducted in affiliation with the Doogri Institute, a non-profit founded by autistic people in service of autistic people. We specifically investigate consumer data to find patterns of abuse, neglect, and racketeering. If you have been disadvantaged with a case closure, we want to know what the ‘excuse’ was.

Overall, we have currently found that “noncompliance” is the top reason, “inappropriate language” or “grooming” as secondary, and the third most cited excuse in a case closure is a failure of the consumer to submit paperwork in accordance with program rules. 

Yes, I want to participate! 


  1. To participate in this California-based study, we will require an email from you that shares your case closure report. No worries — this form will send us an email with your upload. 
  2. We will extract the ‘excuse’ in our reply to your email. 
  3. Then, you will confirm that this is the data that you are submitting for our study. 
  4. Only then will your data be de-identified, and included in a database that blinds your information from the investigator(s) reviewing the database. 

Please begin by uploading your confidential case closure report, and await a reply from Thank you for your help in cracking down on systemic failures of publicly funded programs. There is no compensation for your participation. 

Privacy Statement

As experienced researchers, we owe you complete privacy of your information submitted through our secure portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Dr. Henny Kupferstein at

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