The Perfect Perch

How can a simple plastic device help a person with dyspraxia or motor planning issues?

  • The Perfect Perch™ used consistently during piano lessons, may help eliminate the dependency on caregiver support in order to achieve independent piano playing.
  • The Perfect Perch™ relies on the context of intellectually stimulating tasks such as piano lessons or typing for schoolwork.
  • The Perfect Perch™ promotes accurate and purposeful finger movements during a motivating task to begin a series of neuroplastic changes in the brain.

The Perfect Perch® patented medical device does not offer relief to anyone who uses it as a standalone product. Successful outcomes rely on neuroplastic changes to the brain of the piano student who learns through the Doogri Method™.

A consultation is required to be enrolled your child in the Doogri Method program. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Piano sizes and Computer Keyboard Adaptations
  2. Research and clinical trial

Is is like a hand splint? How does it work?

The device relies on neuroplastic changes to the brain of the student by promoting self-initiated movement during a high-alpha state of learning. The oscillations of two neurons causes a mirror effect to occur resulting a pathway being built. The device supplies somatosensory input to eliminate the need for caregiver support and leading to independent execution of purposeful movement.


A Hand Support Method And Device For Somatosensory Input To The Palm

U.S. Patent Patent No. 9,775,734 B1