Academic Research and Dissertation Coaching

The Doogri Institute is non for profit committed to eliminating education barriers, access to the arts, and cognitive, and academic liberty. Our academic coaching service allows for deeper engagement with your consultant. Coaching is appropriate for when you know that you would like—or need—more extensive training, support, and guidance to complete your dissertation or thesis. Coaching contracts are based on a 20 hours of consulting time per month, and a minimum month-to-month contract for scheduled immersion. Ask us about financial assistance. 

Henny Kupferstein, Ph.D. with academic mentor Dr. Stanley Krippner

Coaching support typically begins with a formal reviews to assess the work on your part in the past. Estimated at 5 hours in the first week, our consultants will review  yours professional career track based on a mission, vision, values, and goals statements, and by reading your prior work or current drafts. All communication and coaching is electronic, and students are expected to submit material through Google-Docs for ongoing project management.

Academic Research and Dissertation Coaching, get your Ph.D.!

With our consulting services, the focus is on building your knowledge and skills across all core competency domains surrounding the key document and scholarly activities you’re working on related to your doctoral journey. Common objectives in the dissertation coaching goal may be problem definition, literature review, research design, dissertation proposal, data analysis, interpretation, report writing, or research method selection.  

Getting Started: Retain your consultant today:

  • click here to pay online3-Month Plan: Commitment to a more comprehensive creative learning adventure and mentoring by a senior-level researcher, methodologist, writing expert, and coach. A $7,500 retainer paid today will begin your 3-month coaching commitment, with rollover hours within each 3 month time-frame. 
  • Month-to-Month: Starting today, your credit card will then be automatically charged every 4 weeks until you terminate your contract. A $3,250 retainer will guarantee 20 hours of coaching starting today. Hours do not roll over to your next billing period, under our use-it-or-lose-it policy, and weekly hours are subject to the consultant’s schedule.


We currently have consultants on contract to provide unfettered and targeted support to students in the thesis or dissertation stages.

  • Statistician – design your research study with the help of a statistician. The most valuable outcome is a restructuring of your research instrument. Specifically, do you wish to keep your questions on your survey open-ended, and then do a qualitative analysis, or do you wish to ask questions with a Likert-scale, resulting in binary responses? Learn more about mixed-methods, grounded theory, thematic analysis, and statistical testing relevant to your research question and project topic.
  • Disability Supports – you can be coached by an expert in learning styles. Our coach can help you organize your schoolwork, recommend digital tools to stay on your planned work track, and even liaise between you and your school’s disability services coordinator to ensure that you are in a supportive environment and fully accommodated. Learn how to navigate your school’s library, cite in APA format, and restructure your writing to meet your course objectives.
  • Specialist Coaching – Student topics vary from studying the impact of a visual impairment on the family dynamic, to studying whether we contracted viruses from other life forms. Even if your topic is not refined yet, we will match you with a coach who is a leading expert with published work on your area of interest. Our current consultants are psychologists, biologists, OT/PT neuroplasticity researchers, and qualitative/quantitative methodologists, and philosophical theorists.

The best support – The most value – included with our Coaching Services…

  • Based on a minimum of 15 hours per month of top-tier support each month
  • Options for more extensive needs assessment and/or personal goal-setting and mission statement activities
  • Extensive, in-depth review of documents (e.g., proposals, chapters, etc.) encompassing all aspects of such things as problem clarity and alignment with research design and theoretical framework, quality of literature review, research ethics, academic writing, etc.
  • Timely, detailed, practical, and goal-focused feedback on your demonstrated knowledge and skills across all core competency domains and quality of work relative to program expectation and standards (e.g., proposal’s readiness for approval)
  • Options for more in-depth needs assessment, tied to goal-setting activities, development of a personal mission / vision statement, and detailed action planning
  • Focused training on selected, high-priority core competency domains that fall within your zone of proximal development and represent developmental needs to meet your program’s expectations and succeed in completing your project
  • On-call expert consultation available via phone, web-conference, or email.
  • Thorough on-boarding process to ensure familiarity and understanding of your capabilities and goals


The institute  does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, or disability in any of its activities or operations. These activities include hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, student clients, volunteers, consultants, subcontractors, and vendors.