California Self Determination Budget Consultancy – Autism

Doogri by-autistics IF, FMS, PCP for nonspeaking and autistic only.

  1. Independent Facilitator (IF)
  2. Financial Management Service (FMS)
  3. Person-Centered Planning

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Guaranteed $250 flat rate, Skype screenshare in 1 hour!

notice the missing zero? That’s because we’re a non-profit and we generate opportunities for autistic adults. please support our labor and expertise.

san diego regional center self determination budget consultancy by autistic professionals

Included in this flat rate:

Gmail file share of (1) budget spreadsheet template

(2) Matchmaking with IF, PCP, and FMS

(3) Internal Lists utilized, guaranteed cross-verification

  1. Independent Facilitator (IF) list, June 10, 21
  2. Financial Management Service (FMS) list, June 8, 21
  3. Person-Centered Planning (PCP) list, June 10, 21

..wait, there’s more?! My, these autistic people have got this figured out 🙂

Advocacy with your first Independent Contractor who needs to send a bill. We have the templates!!

You’ll get an invoice template on a google sheet that automates the sending of the invoices to your FMS with one click!

You can count on us. Autistic people rock. I wish you can like this message, haha.

Also Included in your $250

We use, but don’t share out latest in-house guaranteed up-to-date, expires in 1 year of your appointment

How does this work?

Please book a Self Determination Budget appointment time on our contact page (choose “general consultation”). You will be scheduled to a zoom call with Dr. Henny Kupferstein, and autistic Ph.D. in San Diego, who is also a consumer and has written her own paperwork. She is an expert in AAC and nonspeaking consent and person centered self advocacy for autistic people, especially adults.  Please bring your family to the meeting to promote acceptance.

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We promote peer mentorship, expert mentorship, and facilitated zoom calls with our peers on your budget. We will hope your adult life will be as smooth as 1+1 !!!

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California Self Determination Budget Consultancy – Autism


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