Doogri Method®

The aim of the Doogri Method® is to evaluate a student’s literacy and potential, and to support their awareness of their abilities profile. The Action protocol consultations with autistic professionals aims to shift medically autistic people toward culturally autistic self sufficient adults with a focus on their wellbeing. Piano lessons are often county reimbursable, as we meet or exceed IEP goals through our proprietary curriculum. [Click to read our Mission]

A consultation is required to be enrolled your child in the Doogri Method® program. Click here to book a consult.

  1. The Doogri Method® is a trademarked educational services, namely, conducting online and telephonic instruction and courses in the field of Developmental Music Education®.
  2. The Doogri Institute provides professional training for Developmental Music Educators™ (LDME™) licensed by the institute. DME methods, techniques, and services are directed to the application of the Doogri Method® with students who have neurodevelopmental, physical, or learning challenges by augmenting their musical aptitude.
  3. A strength based approach to teaching music with developmental goals is proprietary to the Institute.

The Doogri Action Protocol

The first step in the Action Protocol is to schedule a consultation. Click here to book a consult. Most of these recommendations are low-cost,  and designed to implement by the parent in the home environment, with support from our professional team online.

  1. The student is evaluated for literacy and global abilities, and the consultation yields specific recommendations.
  2. Students who are a candidate for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) such as RPM, dyspraxia hand-eye coordination programs, or cognitive and CVI tools for purposeful movement involving a piano lesson, will be referred to resources to get started.
  3. The Perfect Perch® patented medical device does not offer relief to anyone who uses it as a standalone product. Successful outcomes rely on neuroplastic changes to the brain of the piano student who learns through the Doogri Method®.

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