Hurdy Gurdy Qwerty: AAC Typing Manual

The Hurdy Gurdy Qwerty: AAC Typing Manual, pending publication, is designed for introducing QWERTY Keyboard to AAC Students. The Doogri Institute is seeking to hire paid volunteers to test this new typing book to confirm market readiness. Requirements are–nonspeaking autistic individuals of all ages, who already gained purposeful movement of all 10 fingers through piano lessons. Interested individuals should write to for recruitment.

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This typing manual is designed to transition nonspeaking and autistic individuals to 10-finger typing on a qwerty keyboard. The curriculum is especially structured for piano students who already have full purposeful movement of all 10 fingers due to musical note-reading skills. The target student is already using augmentative and alternative communication (AACs) and are familiar with facilitated communication (FC) or rapid prompting method (RPM). The required motor skills of 10-finger isolation is implemented as a baseline for predicting successful outcomes. As such, early AAC students who require more than arm support should wait for these milestones before starting this book to guarantee best results.  

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The Doogri Method® utilizes an evidence-based piano curriculum that guarantees results. This curriculum is protected for Licensed Developmental Music Education LDME® professionals trained to teach with the Doogri Method®.  This is in no way transferable license to non-accredited teachers without a contract. Any unauthorized use of this curriculum or violation of these terms are subject to sanctions. The material and terms are protected under copyright. Violators will be held responsible for all costs related to the seizure and return of unauthorized use of material(s). 

Sample lesson structure from week 1:

  1. When you trip down the stairs, do you (Fall or skip)?
  2. What is the word you use to call a father? (Dad or Truck)
  3. What is the opposite of happy? (Sad or glad?)

Title: Hurdy Gurdy Qwerty: AAC Typing Manual

by: Henny Kupferstein, Doogri Institute

ISBN 978-1-7342079-2-7

Copyright © 2019 Doogri Institute. All rights reserved.

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