AAC Lessons for Academics and Communication

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The Doogri Institute services and supports are publicly available online to students everywhere. Students of all abilities are welcome to participate in online school lessons, communication support, AACs for communication, and 10-finger keyboard typing. New York families with self-direction eligibility may use their budget to pay for the tuition and fees.


The first step in the Action Protocol is to evaluate the student for literacy and global abilities.  This consultation yields specific recommendations, which the parent(s) can implement immediately. Students who are a candidate for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) such as RPM, dyspraxia hand-eye coordination programs, or cognitive and CVI tools for purposeful movement involving a piano lesson, will be referred to resources to get started. Most of these recommendations are low-cost and designed to implement by the parent in the home environment, with support from our professional team online.  [[ Book a GENERAL consultation ]]

This may just be the online school program that you’ve been dreaming about.


Nonverbal, autistic, and special-needs students are especially welcome. We register children ages 4 and up. Our evidence-based Doogri Method guarantees that students of all abilities will learn how to express themselves using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and how to make sound using their hands, such as piano. Our mission is to build community and social transformative change through diversity and inclusion in education and the expressive arts.

The aim of the Doogri Method® is to evaluate a student’s literacy and potential, and to support their awareness of their abilities profile.  In our online support assessment, a parent interview provided specific information for the abilities profile, and recommendations were made for specific goals.

Our Team

Our team members are highly trained in their area[s] of specialization, and they also have lived experience of the medical diagnoses.  Book a GENERAL consultation with Dr. Henny Kupferstein, autistic autism researcher and pedagogy scientist. 

  • Cost for one required consultation is $250 (reimbursable as parent training)
  • Cost for weekly 30-minute sessions are $85 each, with a maximum of 3x weekly
  • We accept credit cards via PayPal, and payment is due at time of service