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Experience the beauties of Kazakhstan in any season. We are the 9th largest country in the world, and borders China and Russia. Our accessible and sensory friendly live tours are with an English speaking tour guide.

  1. Each Zoom call has closed-captioning enabled, and we can video-record our trip for your memories ($39 *unpredictable resolution).

Our Live Virtual tours with English-Speaking guide is catering to your interests of Culture, language, history, and foods. From desert sand dunes to ice fishing, every week of the year brings a seasonal surprise to our destinations.

$120 Kazakhstan: Almaty City Tour – Live Zoom 1.5 hours (97 minutes) with optional $25 extra 30-minute add-on for a full 2:00 hours to explore more of your interests. Each additional person in your group joins for 35% discount (only $78).

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    1. Meet-n-Greet your guide Saeed in the Paniflov park (2 minutes). I will introduce the Paniflov park in honor of Panfilov soldiers of the 1075 regiment of the 312th rifle division (5 minutes) during WWII.
    2. Arrive at the Ascension Church  also known as Zenkov Cathedral designed by Andrei Pavlovich Zenkov, and was completed in 1907. The Russian Orthodox cathedral is located in Panfilov Park in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The church was built without any nails, and was one of the only buildings that survived the 1911 earthquake in Almaty (10 minutes tour inside and out).
    3. Right outside, we explore the World War II monument “Feat” in Park of the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen including the Eternal flame at the park during Victory Day celebration, 9 May 2012. (20 minutes outside tour)
    4. A short 2-minute walk to the Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments. The wooden building was erected in 1908, simultaneously with Ascension Cathedral. The military leadership of the Turkestan governor-generalship once met here for ceremonies and state receptions. In 1980, it was converted to the musical instruments museum, named after the Great Kazakh musician of 19-20th centuries Ykylas, who promoted the purity of folk culture and preservation of various national instruments. Today, there are more than 1,000 items of instruments,  divided into 60 types of Kazakh national musical instruments. (30 minutes)
    5. Stop right outside at the Burger King and KFC. We will explore the menus, and I will teach you how to say your virtual meal, and you can see our dollars. 
    6. 5-6 minute walk to visit the Green Bazaar (15 minutes walk-through including the market where you can guess the parts of exotic animals at the butcher)
    7. Walk to the 75+ years old  Rakhat Candy Factory  (5 minutes). See the building and enter the showroom to explore all the 1000+ chocolate products on display. There is no bargaining. Before covid, we offered an  indoor factory tour. 
    8. Followed by 10 minutes of Teatime with your guide and closing questions.

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