Free tax prep help for autistic people

Are you autistic? Let’s do the numbers with/for your. We have autistic tax ninjas waiting to help.

We created a free spreadsheet that automates your tax preparation for the previous tax filing year. If you are an autistic person who started a small company, and/or manages a non-profit, we want to help.

Financial stress may up migraine risk | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

Accountants in California have stopped taking calls, as they are overwhelmed with the Franchise Tax Board having no staff, and therefore nobody in the State is processing our filings. Nevertheless, with this free tool, we can help you get ahead of this by prepping for the accountant, and proving a P&L and other necessary documents for them to complete the filing.

How it works:

Please write to us to express interest in this mentorship, and put “2022 taxes” in your subject line.

  • You will need to download all the transactions from your bank from 01/01/2022 through 12/31/2022 and save it as a CSV or excel format. Once you have all your transactions from all your banks (including credit cards, paypal, etc)
  • we will paste it into our worksheet, and share it with you for your review.
  • We will schedule a zoom call to go through the accounting part so you can learn how to reconcile from this past year, and independently in the future.
  • Captions are provided.
  • (requires a gmail address for google workspace)

Example balance sheet

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