Tuesday TikTok Classes

The Doogri institute offers classes (group and 1:1) for students who want to discover how to harness the power of their creative expression. Utilizing free and public social media classes, our aim is to train AAC users and members of the public who wish to amplify their message, and maybe also hope for monetization.  All classes are taught with ADA accessibility, to speaking and nonspeaking individuals at the same time.

#creativearts #expressivearts is tik tok my platform?

  • We’re teaching alternating Tuesdays.
  • $2.99 per meeting, free for Honorary Doogri Members (ask privately for the coupon)
  • fully accessible with live captions


EMBED a feed of TIK TOK https://www.tiktok.com/@drhennyk

We teach TikTok to amplify the experience of non-speaking autistic people through social media platforms that are accessible, as a novel approach to AAC that is adaptive to changing times. 


Have a good laugh from a 15 seconds TikTok video.




@drhennyk♬ original sound – Autistic Dr. Henny K

@daisyquattro ##duet with @drhennyk 

♬ original sound – Autistic Dr. Henny K

@daisyquattro ##duet with @drhennyk

♬ I Wish I Could Hug You – MooooBub

@daisyquattro##duet with @drhennyk

♬ original sound – Autistic Dr. Henny K


Free Pass?

If you are a member and are bringing a friend “free,” please make sure you provide them this week’s coupon code.

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Group Culture

There will be people from multiple continents.

We pledge to create a safe space
We ask that you model inclusion and acceptance
Above all, ADA accessibility is a must.

  • We use chat to send links to each other
  • We use chat for people who prefer to type
  • We used interactions such as ‘raise hand’
  • We use gestures to raise hand, thumbs up, head nods
You will notice that we have CC / closed captions on, so people can access live transcription.
  • If you don’t remain engaged (camera on), we will be unable to interact with you.
  • If you can’t stay on the call, please exit the group.
  • Stabilize your device, adjust your lighting, and get connected.




Alternatively, if you prefer, these are the four upcoming classes. Click the dates to register. 

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