The Doogri Method

The Perfect Perch does not offer relief to anyone who uses it as a standalone product. Successful outcomes rely on neuroplastic changes to the brain of the piano student who learns through the Doogri Method.

  1. The Doogri Method is a trademarked educational services, namely, conducting on line and telephonic instruction and courses in the field of developmental music education (DME).
  2. The Doogri Institute provides professional training for Developmental Music Educators (LDME) licensed by the institute. DME methods, techniques, and services are directed to the application of the Doogri Method with students who have neurodevelopmental, physical, or learning challenges by augmenting their musical aptitude.
  3. A strength based approach to teaching music with developmental goals is proprietary to the Institute.

You may learn more about the method from our research, and the book titled Perfect Pitch in the Key of Autism.