The Doogri Institute conducts research and collaborates with an interdisciplinary team to make significant contributions to the sciences. Inquiries about co-authorship, grants, and proposal should be made via email on our contact page. Upcoming studies and calls for submission may be found on Facebook on this page.

Current research and media that has been initiated, published, and disseminated are on this list:

Current Studies

The Perfect Perch™ clinical trial is currently running through September 1st, 2020. The product won’t be available for purchase until the trial is completed by September 1st. The trial is testing the outcomes of the device’s use in conjunction with piano lessons (and subsequent use in typing).  

If you know someone who would like to participate in this study, and would benefit from the trial in conjunction with our proprietary piano lessons, please contact us. Please note that a diagnosis is required for participation in this study:

  • dyspraxia
  • autism
  • motor planning issues
  • cerebral palsy
  • stroke
  • ehlers-danlos syndrome.